Monday, June 6, 2011

Tuna + Egg = Yummy

My regular Monday lunch is to head downstairs to Lee's Deli for a quick soup or sandwich. Today was a good day for soup (in June?), but they didn't have my favorite chicken sausage gumbo, so I opted for the sandwich.

My usual go to deli sandwiches are either tuna salad or egg salad, and Lee's has a combined tuna & egg salad sandwich for the same price as either option by itself. Two slices of bread with tuna on one side and egg salad on the other, with two big slabs of lettuce (iceberg) in between to keep them separated. The most awesome sandwich ever, for just $3.95, with no tax if you order to go.

June 6:
Ordered: Tuna & Egg salad sandwich from Lee's Deli
Cost: $3.95
Remaining Budget: $78.32

The only problem is that I've used up all my favorite lunch places (taco truck, Bindi, Lee's) in the first week of June, so I'll need to branch outside my comfort zone for the next 24 days.

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