Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take Out TCP

For as long as I can remember, Monday night has been "pizza night" for me, which usually means that Tuesday is "leftover pizza day", since I can't eat a whole pizza by myself (at least without feeling guilty).

Sometimes I make different pizzas from scratch, but now that I'm commuting, I've found that it's easier and cheaper to order a pie from Papa Murphy's to bake at home. Yesterday I tried their new "Thai Chicken De-Lite" ($8 with the coupon).

I've long been a fan of "Asian style pizza", even though it's an unholy bastardization of two different cultures. Papa Murphy's Thai pizza is "Thai" because of the sweet chile sauce and veggies, because cheese isn't that common in Thai food (most Asians are lactose intolerant), but it's still really yummy.

I ate five pieces last night, and left three for lunch today. The cost per piece for an $8 pizza cut into eighths is easy to calculate, so today's lunch set me back a grand total of three dollars. More money for more culinary adventures later in the month!

June 7th:
Ate: Leftover Thai Chicken Pizza from Papa Murphy's
Cost: $3.00
Remaining Budget: $75.32

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