Sunday, December 1, 2013

Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year

My 2013 holiday mix is now (as of 30 minutes ago) ready for downloading (via dropbox) or streaming (via Spotify or Rdio).

 It's called "Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year" after this song by the Rescues.  A lot of crummy things happened in 2013, but everything's gonna be better in 2014.  Here's the tracklist.

01. Rock N Roll Christmas (The Connection)
02. Christmastime Again (Brandon Wilde)
03. A 55 Telecaster Under My Tree (Carlene Carter & John Jurgenson)
04. Gettin' Drunk for Christmas (Rich McCulley)
05. Chris Hillman Christmas (The Britannicas)
06. On a Day Like Christmas (Cliff Hillis)
07. The Holly & the Ivy (Wayfarer)
08. It's Christmas (Coconut Records)
09. Once a Year (Justin Kline)
10. Agnostic Christmas (Liar's Club)
11. Maybe Next Xmas (Matt Piucci)
12. The North Pole Express (Nick Lowe)
13. North St. Grande (Stackridge)
14. Grey Holiday (The Orange Peels)
15. Out Of Season (Bill Lloyd)
16. Christmas in the Pines (Anny Celsi)
17. Christmas Snow (Greg Pope)
18. Christmas Wish (She & Him)
19. Regina Caeli (Three O Clock)
20. Christmas Girl (Boston Spaceships)
21  Christmas For The Free (The Zombies)
22. This Will Be Our Year (Susanna Hoffs)
23. Undecimber (Agony Aunts)
24. Christmas With You (Victoria Vox)
25. Christians and Pagans (Dar Williams)
26. 2600 (Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick)
27. Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year (The Rescues)