Thursday, January 7, 2016

Twenty Fifteen

Happy Belated New Year! Here are 24 tunes from the year just past

01. Allie (Belle And Sebastian)
02. Book of Too Late Changes (Cotton Mather)
03. Chasing Clouds (Caddy)
04. Debbie Downer (Courtney Barnett)
05. End Of The World (The Flamin' Groovies)
06. Fast Moving Clouds (Sarah Bethe Nelson)
07. Feeling OK (Best Coast)
08. Hold Down The Fort (The Minus 5)
09. I Can't Help You (The Chills)
10. Just Say Go (Reno Bo)
11. Let Your Hair Fall Down (The Bye Bye Blackbirds)
12. Lucky In Every Way (Pugwash)
13. Midsommar (The Corner Laughers)
14. Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You (The Zombies)
15. Out Of My Mind (Tommy Keene)
16. Philomena (The Decemberists)
17. Queens Tornado (Regular Einstein)
18. Rainbow Tunnel (Alison Faith Levy)
19. Restless Year (Ezra Furman)
20. Seven Days a Week (Nick Piunti)
21. She Writes a Symphony (The Lilac Time)
22. Times Square (Destroyer)
23. When I'm with You (The London Souls)
24. Where Does the Time Go? (Chris Stamey)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Psychedelic Santa: Christmas 2015

That time of year again. My 2015 Holiday Compilation "Psychedelic Santa" is now ready for downloading and listening.  Click the image to do the first thing.

01. The Grip Weeds - Welcome Christmas
02. Buzz Zeemer - Psychedelic Santa
03. Chipper - Groovy Christmas
04. Dallon Weekes - Sickly Sweet Holidays
05. Electric Prunes - A 67 Christmas
06. Chris Farren - Christmas Guitar
07. Glamourpuss - It's Only Christmas
08. Skip Haynes & Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah - Christmas On LSD
09. Her - Psychedelic Christmas
10. The Green Pajamas - I Wish That It Was Christmas
11. Jackie De Shannon - Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown
12. Kylie Minogue - Christmas Isn't Christmas 'Til You Get Here
13. Alison Faith Levy & Karla Kane  - All I Want for Chanukah is a Ukulele
14. Misty's Big Adventure - Have Yourself a Psychedelic Christmas
15. The National - Christmas Magic [Bob's Buskers]
16. The Olms - Christmas Thyme
17. The Bellamy Brothers - Old Hippie Christmas
18. Zach Gill - Party Hard
19. Squirrel Nut Zippers - Santa Claus Is Smoking Reefer
20. Rotary Connection - Christmas Love
21. The Smoke Fairies - Bad Good
22. The Smoking Trees - The Psychedelic Lights of Christmas
23. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Big Bulbs
24. Triangle Park - Christmas Lights
25. Faye and The Scrooges - X M A S
26. Untamed Youth - Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down
27. The Vestibules - Christmas on Acid
28. The Waistcoats - (I Wish You Could Be More) Like Santa Claus
29. GFOTY - Christmas Day
30. Andy Partridge - Psychedelic Christmas

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Twenty Fourteen

Happy New Year! Here are 23 tunes from the year just past..

01. Afterglow (Marble Party)
02. Between The Suburbs (School Of Language)
03. Cristina (Teleman)
04. Dizzy Heights (Neil Finn)
05. Everything Comes Together (The Paul & John)
06. Full Moon (Woods)
07. Get What You Give (The Men)
08. How Can You Really (Foxygen)
09. I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You (The Hold Steady)
10. About the Weekend (The Jellybricks)
11. Let There Be Reverb (The Jigsaw Seen)
12. Misty's Beside Herself (Sloan)
13. New York Kiss (Spoon)
14. Oh Please (Marshall Holland)
15. Pay for It (The Both)
16. Prove Yourself (The Bobbleheads)
17. Ready For Death (Doug Gillard)
18. Shouting Match (The New Mendicants)
19. Spinning On the Record (Army Navy)
20. Talking Backwards (Real Estate)
21. Until The Sun Explodes (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)
22. Wave Hello (Three Minute Tease)
23. You Tell Me Where (The New Pornographers)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Wreck The Halls

My 2014 Holiday Mix "Wreck The Halls" (named after one of my favorite holiday libations) is now ready for downloading and streaming. Merry Holiday Season!

(click the label to download these 29 songs)
01. Here We Come a Wassailing - Marah
02. Christmas Time (Is Here Again) - Elephant Stone
03. Christmas Time Again - The Connection
04. Down By The Pharmacy - Young Fresh Fellows
05. Here We Are (On Christmas Day) - The Elftones
06. All I Want for Christmas (Is a Punk Rock Skunk) - Farmer Jason
07. Santa Make Me Good - The Grip Weeds
08. Christmas All The Time - The Green Pajamas
09. Wake Up - The Hipwaders
10. I Can't Wait - Richard X. Heyman
11. Open Up The Box Pandora - The Jigsaw Seen
12. Tinsel in the Rubbish Bin - King County Queens
13. Christmas Without You - Lannie Flowers
14. Merry Christmas to Me - Mike Barnett
15. (What's a Better Present) At Christmas Time - The Mockers
16. A Very Sorry Christmas - The New Mendicants
17. One Christmas At a Time - Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick
18. Every Day's A Holiday - Piney Gir
19. Aquaclaus - Bob Rivers
20. Deck the Halls - Relient K
21. Wear A Smile At Christmas - Paul Revere and The Raiders
22. Rock 'n' Roll Santa Claus - Suddenly, Tammy!
23. Terrible Presents - Faye and the Scrooges
24. No Lou This Xmas - Tom Dyer
25. Last White Christmas (Cream vs Glee) - Voicedude
26. Merry Christmas (I'm in Love With You) - Wyatt Funderburk
27. Island of Misfit Toys - The Misfits
28. Toymageddon - Yo La Tengo (feat. Ira Glass and Eugene Mirman)
29. Joy To the World (We Still Have Beer) - Christmas With Beer

Also available for streaming at spotify and rdio to give these artists their Cyber Monday micro-payments.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twenty Thirteen

Happy Arbitrary Demarcation Point, everyone.
 Here are 25 of my favorite songs from the past 365 days.

01. All In Light - The Bye Bye Blackbirds
02. Better Than Nothing - Lisa Mychols
03. A City Out Of Reach - The Resonars
04. City Swan - Neko Case
05. Don't Swallow the Cap - The National
06. Ever True - Telekinesis
07. Family Drugs - Agony Aunts
08. Godzilla Girl - The Real Numbers
09. Happening To You - The American Professionals
10. I Don't Have a Heart - The Wrong Words
11. Life Replacement Service - Statuesque
12. Money Man - The House Of Love
13. Northern California Girls - Camper Van Beethoven
14. Nothing Hurts Like This - Andrea Perry
15. On A Balcony - Okkervil River
16. Pretty Time Bomb - Sam Phillips
17. Stare at the Sun - Eleanor Friedberger
18. This Lonely Morning - Best Coast
19. Travelogue - Anny Celsi
20. Untame - Dan Miraldi
21. Vanishing Blues - The Moore Brothers
22. Waiting for Something to Happen - Veronica Falls
23. Wine in a Tea Cup - Anna Hillburg
24. The Words Don't Work - The Orange Peels
25. You n Me n XTC - Chris Stamey

Click the cover photo to download.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year

My 2013 holiday mix is now (as of 30 minutes ago) ready for downloading (via dropbox) or streaming (via Spotify or Rdio).

 It's called "Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year" after this song by the Rescues.  A lot of crummy things happened in 2013, but everything's gonna be better in 2014.  Here's the tracklist.

01. Rock N Roll Christmas (The Connection)
02. Christmastime Again (Brandon Wilde)
03. A 55 Telecaster Under My Tree (Carlene Carter & John Jurgenson)
04. Gettin' Drunk for Christmas (Rich McCulley)
05. Chris Hillman Christmas (The Britannicas)
06. On a Day Like Christmas (Cliff Hillis)
07. The Holly & the Ivy (Wayfarer)
08. It's Christmas (Coconut Records)
09. Once a Year (Justin Kline)
10. Agnostic Christmas (Liar's Club)
11. Maybe Next Xmas (Matt Piucci)
12. The North Pole Express (Nick Lowe)
13. North St. Grande (Stackridge)
14. Grey Holiday (The Orange Peels)
15. Out Of Season (Bill Lloyd)
16. Christmas in the Pines (Anny Celsi)
17. Christmas Snow (Greg Pope)
18. Christmas Wish (She & Him)
19. Regina Caeli (Three O Clock)
20. Christmas Girl (Boston Spaceships)
21  Christmas For The Free (The Zombies)
22. This Will Be Our Year (Susanna Hoffs)
23. Undecimber (Agony Aunts)
24. Christmas With You (Victoria Vox)
25. Christians and Pagans (Dar Williams)
26. 2600 (Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick)
27. Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year (The Rescues)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

You Could Make It All Worthwhile

Scott Miller 1960-2013

That's a picture of Scott Miller onstage with the Loud Family that my friend Ana gave me in 1998 as a birthday/housewarming gift to hang on the wall at my new place (now my old place since I've lived here for fifteen years).  It was a framed photo until two weekends ago, when the frame broke while I was cleaning and the picture fell. I know enlightened people are not supposed to believe in superstitions about black cats and broken picture frames and whatnot, but after the news came down this week that Scott Miller had died, my mind kept thinking about the broken picture frame.  Probably just a coincidence.

Admiring papers on my wall

For the last fifteen years, that photo of Scott hung above a framed concert poster of Game Theory (Scott Miller's 80s band) playing with Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians and the Fillmore. This was a gift from another friend for letting her and her boyfriend (now husband) stay with me for a Loud Family August 1998 homecoming show at the Bottom of the Hill (as documented on the What If It Works? live album.  This was the first Game Theory show I saw I saw and the one that turned me from casual fan to obsessive fanatic.  The only show Scott Miller played at the Fillmore.

On my bedroom wall, there are three Loud Family promo posters on my wall (Plants, Interbabe, Days For Days), four Game Theory album covers (RN through Two Steps), and a setlist from a 1995 Loud Family show. Here's a photo of my 'Scott shrine'.

 (are there any effects pedal settings besides "1" and "4"?).

That setlist is from a show in Santa Rosa that is important to me because it was the first time I ever had a long and deep conversation with Scott Miller. It was the first Loud Family show after the original band had more or less fallen apart, so it was a crossroads of his career, his first show with their new bass player, and the debut of a bunch of new songs from the album that would become Interbabe Concern.

The North Bay wasn't a hotbed of LF fandom so there were only a dozen or so people there, and I was the only SF Bay Area loud-fan who'd made the trip. At that time I knew Scott as a casual acquaintance, and had chatted before and after shows ("hi", "nice show", etc..), but he greeted me at the Santa Rosa show like a long lost friend. "Steve!, It's so great to see a familiar face". Hey, Scott Miller remembered my name!
I asked him how the new album was going with all the band upheaval. He said they he'd started recording by himself, and wanted to get everything right because "these are some of the best songs I've ever written". And they were.

I told him I liked the Hollies cover ("Look Through Any Window") that had recently come out, and Scott said they'd been asked to do a song for a Badfinger tribute and was looking for a good one to do. I suggested one of the later ones from Wish You Were Here or something from the post-Pete Ham era. We got on this long debate about the merits of post-Ham Badfinger (he didn't think there were many) and which obscure songs would be a good fit for Scott and the LF. In an interview a few months later, Scott described his core fanbase as "out-of-it pop obsessives who own every Badfinger record". "Out-of-it pop obsessives" like me!

The song the Loud Family ended up covering for the Badfinger tribute was "We're For The Dark", one of Pete's songs from the first album (Magic Christian Music was an Iveys album). I hadn't thought about that conver a few until someone posted the song to Facebook a few days ago.

"It's not enough to live, if you've gotta take then you have to give". Scott Miller singing Pete Ham.
Very poignant, very powerful, but something I did not need to hear this week.

I've been a dedicated fan and friend of Scott Miller for the past 25 years and all he's given me is a dozen albums with some of the best pop songs ever written, nearly a hundred live performances across the country that I've documented on many live tapes and discs (compact and mini), possible video stardom (cameos in the "Don't Respond" video and LF Live 2000 DVD), a title for this blog, and a bunch of longtime (and hopefully lifetime!) friends that I've met through the loud-fans mailing list.

Scott Miller has been an important piece of my life for a long time, and I feel like I've lost a member of my own family. So long Scott. You made it all worthwhile and your music endures forever.

(I don't update this blog very often so this might be my last post ever -- sh)