Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tekiya Teriyaki

Ichiban Teriyaki is the Japanese equivalent of all those shady Chinese restaurants in SF's Chinatown that look like mob hideouts. It's right behind my office, and one of the few places I can go on a rainy day without getting wet, but I've only gone in a few times because I'm afraid of getting caught in a Yakuza turf war every time I go inside.

Plus Ichiban's food isn't that special. It fills you up when you're hungry, but it's not anything to go out of your way for. Their chicken teriyaki is about what you'd expect from the food court at the mall or the chain where I'll probably end up eating tomorrow (no spoilers!). But I was hungry at noon, and now I'm not, so it's good for something.

June 16
Ordered: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl from Ichiban Teriyaki
Cost: $5.94
Remaining Budget: $44.09

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