Friday, June 17, 2011

Lunch In The Box

This is the mystery restaurant that has better teriyaki bowls than Ichiban.

When I used to work in suburbia, franchise fast food was one of my few lunch options, but there are so many other options in downtown SF, that I try to steer clear of chains. JITB prices are higher in the city than they are in the suburbs (two tacos for $1.49 instead of 99 cents, Jumbo Jack for $1.99 vs. $1.49), but they always have advertised monthly specials that cost the same everywhere.

This month's special is the ménage a tacos, three tacos plus fries and a drink for $3.49. I usually don't eat french fries or drink soda, so it's like a big unhealthy treat a couple of times a month.

June 17
Ordered: Three Taco Combo from Jack In The Box
Cost: $3.49
Remaining Budget: $40.60

After SF's "Happy Meal Ban" went into affect, fast food places in the city stopped offering promotional toys with kids meals, which is really sad: "no toys at this location". There's also mandatory nutritional information on the menu at chain restaurants (just chain restaurants), which has kept me away from Starbucks Frappuccinos -- those things are loaded with calories!

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