Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi Tea Tuesday

Since I've been making up my own rules for this month, one of the things I've been wrestling with is whether I can eat the exact same thing twice. For example, if I had leftover pizza last Tuesday, could I have it again this Tuesday?

I decided that I couldn't do that, mainly because I didn't have any leftover pizza today, but I did end up ordering the same thing today that I ordered yesterday. Vietnamese Bahn Mis have become my favorite lunchtime food next to burritos, and today's bahn mi came from Hi Tea, which is right next door to Happy Donut where I ate yesterday.

Just like Chipotle and El Faro, there's usually a line out the door at Hi Tea during the lunchtime rush while Happy Donut has the same food with no waiting. My usual bahn mi routine involves going to Hi Tea, getting fed up with the line, then opting for Happy Donut. This week I'm doing them in reverse, because Hi Tea comes after Happy Donut in alphabetical order.

I beat the lunch rush by ordering at 11:30 (which is why I'm posting this just after 12 noon). The regular barbecue bahn mi sandwich at Hi Tea costs $4.95, 70 cents more than Happy Donut, and it's better but maybe not 70 cents better. It's a slightly nicer environment, but that doesn't matter if you're ordering to-go, and they have more meat and fewer veggies, but it's essentially the same sandwich. And I could easily eat it every single day.

June 14
Ordered: Barbecue Pork Sandwich from Hi-Tea
Cost: $4.95
Remaining Budget: $52.02

Based on $100 for the month, I should be at $50 on the 15th, which means tomorrow might be time for a two dollar lunch.

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