Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday Bahn Mi

Now that I've visited most of my usual lunch spots, I'll need to spend the rest of June venturing North of Market to new places I don't usually frequent. Today's lunch was from Happy Donut, a Mom & Pop donut shop that also serves Southeast Asian food.

One of their specialties is bahn mi, a Vietnamese sandwich on a baguette. Vietnam was colonized by the French, so the highlight of any Vietnamese sandwich is the baguette, and Happy Donut makes their own bread. I ordered the pork bahn mi, which is the most popular one (pictured above). It has spicy barbecued pork with pickled carrots and lots other veggies, all for $4.25. Very nice and quite filling.

June 13
Ordered: Pork Bahn Mi from Happy Donut
Cost: $4.25
Remaining Budget: $56.97

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