Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Days 18-19 (final eight, take a break!)

The final eight in the 2010 World Cup are now set and my picks were 60% correct.

Argentina,Brazil,Germany,Spain,Netherlands England,Nigeria,Cameroon

My hopes for an African team in the quarterfinals came about, but it wasn't one of the two that I picked. It was Ghana (losing to England, who should have won Group C). I did not pick four South American teams (the two guays in addition to the big two) to make up half of the final eight.

Unfortunately, I also picked England to enter the semifinals, but the other three teams I chose (Argentina, Brazil, and Spain) are still poised to make it. And 75% is pretty good picking!

Here are the Quarterfinal matchups..

Fri 7/2::
Netherlands vs. Brazil
Uruguay vs. Ghana

Sat 7/3::
Argentina vs. Germany
Paraguay vs. Spain

Each day has one A game and one B game, with the winner of the A game probably going through to the finals. And the chances of an all (South) American final are looking possible with a team from the continent in each game.

Strange that the games are Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday, but the important part is that the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday) will be Cup free, which is a big adjustment after 19 straight days of two or more games! The whole World Cup will be wrapped up a week from Sunday, and I'll need to find another blog theme for July to find something else to write about here (not that anyone actually reads this stuff!).

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