Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back Again (Try..)

Happy July! These last two football-free days have been tough for me, but the World Cup will be back tomorrow with two quarterfinals -- Netherlands v. Brazil and Uruguay v. Ghana, followed by two more on Saturday -- Argentina v. Germany and Paraguay v. Spain.

Anyway, with the Cup winding down (just seven matches to go!), I need to find another blogging theme for the rest of July. In honor of Tommy Keene's new double disc career retrospective Tommy Keene You Hear Me (love that title!), I'm revising my artist of the month theme, with Mr. Keene as my artist for July.

Which will be one month of me finding different ways to say
"Tommy Keene rules!" These are places that are gone, now we can go on and on..

Note the late Jay Bennett (pre-Wilco) on guitar.

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