Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Cup Picks

Now that I've gone through all the groups, here are my picks for the 2010 World Cup. The draws are based on who finishes first and second in each group, with A1 vs B2 and C1 vs D2, etc., so it's possible to be way off.

I tried to pick "paint" (favorites) as much as possible in the groups, then went with my gut, ending up with two African teams (Nigeria and Cameroon) in the final 8, and two South American teams in the finals, which probably won't actually happen. Luckily I'm not betting any real money on this.

Final 16
Group A: France, Mexico
Group B: Argentina, Nigeria
Group C: England, USA
Group D: Germany, Serbia
Group E: Netherlands, Cameroon
Group F: Italy, Paraguay
Group G: Brazil, Portugal
Group H: Spain, Chile

Final 8

Final 4
Argentina, England, Brazil, Spain

Argentina vs. Brazil


The Cup kicks off tomorrow, and SBNation has the 2010 World Cup Likability Index for clueless Americans still wondering who to cheer on.

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