Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Christmas Time Ebenezer

The 17th track on His ND Xmas is "It's Christmas Time Ebenezer" by The Len Price 3.

This track comes from Little Steven's Christmas a Go-Go compilation, along with nineteen other songs in a similar vein, everything from old faves like the Kinks' "Father Christmas" and Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" to new songs by the Chevelles and the Chesterfield Kings. It was tough to include just one song from this compilation, but this song by the LP3 fulfills both the rocking and seasonal criteria, so it won the pool.

I just discovered that Little Steven's Underground Garage is listenable in my locality (Sundays 9-11pm on KSAN 107.7FM), and it's become my favorite way to wrap up the weekend since M. Dung's Idiot Show on KFOG. Like Dung, Little Steven doesn't care if a song is from last week or 1953, just as long as it rocks, so the Underground Garage has big names and small names, and old songs and new songs and everything all together. It's like all radio should be!

Little Steven's Coolest Songs In The World CD series is giving Now That's What I Call Music! a run for it's money with seven volumes of garagey rock. The albums are all available on emusic (as is Christmas a Go-Go) and provide the ability to listen to the Underground Garage all the time, 24 x 7.

The Len Price 3 are one of Little Steven's favorite bands; he put out their latest album Rent a Crowd on his label Wicked Cool, and gave their Christmas song a peach position on Christmas A Go-Go where their music could be heard by people like us when it's Christmas time, Christmas ti-i-ime, Christmas time!

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