Sunday, November 30, 2008

His ND Xmas

After assembling a batch of copyrighted songs with a copyrighted cartoon cover, my 2008/09 Holiday Compilation is complete.

It's called "His ND Xmas" after an old Mary Lou Lord song, and features mostly "downer" songs from the ND genre. For the parents in the audience, there are only a couple of curse words (of the "damn" and "hell" variety), but it's a little dark. Here's the cover, with the king of holiday depression feeling down like a clown, Charlie Brown.

HIS ND XMAS - Steve's Anti-Holiday Mix 2008/09

01. Culturcide - Depressed Christmas
02. The Weepies - All I Want
03. Blitzen Trapper - Christmas is Coming Soon
04. Chatham County Line - Oh! Santa
05. Jonathan Coulton - Chiron Beta Prime
06. Clint Coker - Dead By Christmas
07. Dave Ford - Have Yourself A Bitter Little Christmas
08. The Everly Brothers - Christmas Eve Can Kill You
09. The Fawns - Snow Day
10. Fleshtones - I Still Believe in Christmas
11. The Grip Weeds - Christmas Bring Us
12. Bill Kelly - Here Comes Christmas
13. American Suitcase - If We Make It Through December
14. Chris Isaak - Christmas On TV
15. Jason Ringenberg & Kristi Rose - Lovely Christmas
16. Keegan DeWitt & The Sparrows - Christmas Light
17. The Len Price 3 - It's Christmas Time Ebenezer
18. The Magnetic Fields - Mr. Mistletoe
19. Mud - Lonely this Christmas
20. The Bobs - The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
21. Buck Owens - Tomorrow Is Christmas Day
22. Pugwash and Friends - Tinsel and Marzipan
23. Red Star Belgrade - Xmas Day
24. Ryan Adams - Hey Parker, It's Christmas
25. R.E.M. - Merry Xmas Everybody
26. The Spongetones - Merry After-Christmas
27. Tommy Tutone - Santa I Got Your Number
28. Daddy Bone - Zombies Eating My Brain

It's available for the next seven days as a two part download
(via yousendit)
Download part 1
Download part 2

If anybody wants an actual CD, please let me know. I'm going to try to post about all the songs one at a time, so I might post them for individual download later.


Clint Coker said...

I wanna CD

Clint Coker said...

Got the CD today. Thanks...this thing ROCKS!