Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Eve Can Kill You

On the eighth track of His ND Xmas, I give you the Everly Brothers and "Christmas Eve Can Kill You".

I have this song on Rhino's Bummed Out Christmas compilation, but it's also on the Everlys' Stories We Could Tell, the final album they released before splitting up in the early 70s.

"Christmas Eve Can Kill You" is the perfect anti-holiday song, and has to be one of the saddest Christmas songs ever. Written by Dennis Linde (who penned a few other sad songs on Stories We Could Tell), it tells the story of a lonely man trying to hitch a ride on Christmas Eve.

God forgive the man who drives right by the other man
Have pity on the stranger in the cold
'Cause Christmas Eve can kill you
When you're trying to hitch a ride to anywhere

As far as Christmas depression goes, this hits the lowest of the bottom, the "Sunday Morning Coming Down" of Christmas songs, so after this there's nowhere to go emotionally but up. I took a nice little truck driver's mood change to the next song on the mix to provide a small oasis of hopefulness in my desert of holiday despair.

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