Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mes que una camisa

The U.S. dollar is historically weak against the pound and the Euro, which makes it tough for American tourists in Europe. Other than food, drink, lodging, and transport, I tried to keep my expenses to a minimum. The only items I came home with that I didn't leave home with were a couple of books I bought in London and a FC Barcelona soccer jersey from the club store at Camp Nou Stadium.

One problem with buying European soccer memorabilia, like NASCAR merchandise, is that almost all the clubs have a shirt sponsor, so you're paying money to turn yourself into a walking billboard. The nice thing about buying a Barça jersey is they're adorned with a UNICEF logo paid by the team to benefit children in "the developing world", so you're turning yourself into a walking billboard for a worthy cause.

The jersey I got was from the clearance rack, featuring the name and number of a player who's set to retire (#16 for Brazilian fullback Sylvinho) so I didn't contribute many Euros to UNICEF, but can still feel that I'm helping children in the developing world when I wear the shirt. It may even keep trick-or-treaters from asking me for spare change if I wear it on Halloween, since I gave at the office!

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