Friday, June 24, 2011

Mini Mac

Where did I eat lunch today? Well..

It was inevitable that I'd have to end up at the golden arches in a month of eating lunch at a different place every day on a fixed budget. I know chain fast food is bad for our society and our bodies, but it's cheap and it fills me up when I'm hungry.

I realize that McDonalds food is bad for you, which is why I like their mini meals. Much like yesterday's mini loco moco plate, if something is bad for you, eating less of it is better for you than eating more of it. I still can't stomach McD's hamburgers, so I usually opt for the McChicken mini meal, and they now offer this with their new jalapeno cheddar McChicken for just 20 cents more. Lunch for three bills and a bit.. Can't beat that!

June 24:
Ordered: Jalapeno Cheddar McChicken Mini Meal from Mickey D's
Cost: $3.49
Remaining Budget: $18.28

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