Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is it because I'm #24?

I finished my week of chain sandwich shops (and month of lunches) today with a visit to Togo's, which I like better than Quiznos or Subway, but don't visit as often since it isn't convenient to my home or my work.

I've been going to Togo's since the 1970s and know their sandwich numbers by heart (#7-Roast Beef, #16-Italian). My favorite is the #24 (Turkey & Avocado) which I've been enjoying since the "low-fat" era when avocados weren't supposed to be good for you. They used to serve it with alfalfa sprouts, but no one eats sprouts anymore.

June 29:
Ordered: Regular (#24) Turkey & Avocado from Togo's
Cost: $5.49
Final Budget: $0.33

Made it with 33 cents to spare! On to new adventures next month.

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