Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Five Dollar Foot Long

Today's lunch continued my chain trek with a visit to Subway. In downtown SF, I think there are more Subways per square block than Starbucks per square block, and every one of them has long lines at lunchtime.

Their best deal is the "$5 footlong", from that insidiously catchy commercial jingle. Along with their five regular $5 footlongs, Subway has a sixth wildcard sub every month, and this month it's the Chipotle Chicken & Cheese. The cheese is melted, which means the sandwich is "prepared food" (i.e. taxable), so my five dollar footlong came to $5.48 total.

June 29:
Ordered: Footlong Chipotle Chicken & Cheese from Subway
Cost: $5.48
Remaining Budget: $5.82

My June lunch of the day is coming to a close tomorrow. And I have $5.82 to spend!

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