Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When all the colors seemed transfixed

I'll be highlighting music from 1966 (one of my favorite musical years) this month. This was the first year that Scott Miller covered in "Music: What Happened?", and I was inspired enough to make a playlist of his selections on the late and lamented Muxtape.

That playlist was my favorite MWH entry. the complete collection of those songs in that order is like my entire musical aesthetic in 80 minutes. If I were making my own 1966 collection, I'd probably swap "Visions of Johana" for another (shorter) Dylan song to make way for something by the Kinks, and made a few different song selections, but this makes a nice musical time capsule from 1966.

I've copied the playlist to 8tracks.com, and it still sounds great three years after I originally made it, and 45 years after the songs were originally made.

Starting with Neal Hefti's "Batman" theme.

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