Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My next 1970 album is Tecnicolor by Os Mutantes.

I love this album, but have two reservations about listing it. First, I have Os Mutantes filed under O, but feel like I should honor the Portugese definite article and file it under M (for Mutantes). Also, even though it was recorded in 1970, it didn't come out until 2000, so it doesn't qualify as a 1970 album.

Tecnicolor was supposed to introduce Mutantes to the English speaking world and includes some of their early Tropicalia songs re-recorded with English language vocals and standard rock arrangements which in 1970 meant "total psychedelic freakout". Very trippy and very fun.

Here's another one of my Tecnicolor faves.

"Smelly happiness"??

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Walmir Lima said...

Tecnicolor has always been my fav too!!!

I use to know and love them as from the very begining.

Walmir Lima, Sao Paulo - Brazil