Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten Years After

With time running out in the month of July, I'll be going over Tommy Keene's five most recent studio albums over the next five weekdays. The last fifteen years of his career have been at least as productive as the first fifteen.

Ten Years After was Tommy's first album with his new band, and his first album of the 90s. The title is either a reference to his major label debut (ten years after SFTF) or the band of the same name.

Ten Years After the album rocks as hard as Ten Years After the band, but still sounds like a Tommy Keene album. Thirteen songs (including an unlisted Who cover at the end) that I played frequently and loudly during the first half of 1996. The opening 1-2 punch of "Going Out Again" and "Turning On Blue" demand to be played at full volume, neighbors and ears be damned.

Here's the video for "Turning On Blue".

From Tommy's Matador bio:
In 1996, Tommy toured the UK with Oasis as lead guitarist for support act, Velvet Crush. Noel Gallagher asked a British journalist.. "Who's the clever fucker with the Telecaster?" The journalist noticed, "Don't you think he looks a bit like you Noel" to which his reply was "Bollocks, but e's not half bad...Bastard!"

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