Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quite independent, never caring

Here's one of those between album things that Tommy Keene did, a collaboration with the Gin Blossoms doing "Carrie-Anne" on the brillant Sing Hollies.. tribute.

The 1995 Hollies tribute really is one of the best albums of its kind. I said back in the day that the first five tracks are by artists from whom I'd buy almost anything -- The Posies, Tommy Keene, The Loud Family, Steve Wynn, and Mitch Easter. Only two bad songs on the entire record.

I was a little surprised to see Tommy working with the Gin Blossoms, but it seemed to help his career, and I've always suspected that he had a hand in writing some of their later songs (like "Til I Hear It From You"). I liked this exchange in a recent popmatters interview.
Q. If you had a choice, would you rather be known strictly for one or two singles or do it the way you’ve done it?

A. Well, take the Gin Blossoms, who used to be friends of mine, kind of. The guy who wrote the three songs that got them a deal, they fired him and he ended up killing himself. But they’re still out there making lots of money playing his three songs. I don’t think they are critically acclaimed or ever were, but it’s a career. I don’t know ... you can’t choose.

"used to be friends of mind, kind of." Burn!!

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