Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grupo E

Today's Cup breakdown looks at Group E (as in Eclectic):


Just like Spain, it's hard to believe that the Dutch have never won a World Cup. They're ranked #5 in the World in SPI, but tend to underachieve on the international stage. This group looks to be ripe for the Netherlands to take, but it's not inconceivable to see them struggling to make the next round after losing to Denmark or Cameroon.

Cameroon seems like a good choice for the second spot, with a home continent advantage and another one of the top players in the World (Samuel Eto'o) at the top of his game after winning back to back UEFA Championships for Barca and Inter. I watched one of their warmup matches, against Serbia, and they seem to be a one man team, but it's one of the best men you could have on a team besides Messi or Ronaldo.

Denmark is the sole Scandinavian team in World Cup 2010, advancing to the tournament after beating Sweden last November. They're another country that doesn't have a very strong record in World or European Cups, but a lot of young talent that might surprise someone. The key for the Danes is their second match against Cameroon.

Japan looks to be overmatched in this group and probably won't win any games, but they do have a cool J-punk anime World Cup theme (without any words). Vamos Nippon!

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