Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 15 (Let the knockouts begin!)

The elimination stage of the 2010 World Cup is now set, and the USA are in an unbelievably fortunate group where we should be the favorites to make the semis. Here's the round of 16..

Sat 6/26:
Uruguay vs. South Korea
USA vs. Ghana

Sun 6/27:
Germany vs. England
Argentina vs. Mexico

Mon 6/28
Netherlands vs. Slovakia
Brazil vs. Chile

Tue 6/29
Paraguay vs. Japan
Spain vs. Portugal

One of the U.S., South Korea, Uruguay, and Ghana will reach the semifinals, and the USA are the highest ranked team in the group. If we make it through, we'll be huge underdogs against whoever. My final four are the USA, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina, with Brazil and Argentina meeeting in the finals.

Oh yeah, I picked all four teams in Groups G and H (Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Chile) giving me a .625 selection average (11/16). My final four are the same with the USA replacing England (who I thought would win the group), and I stand by my selections for the finals.

Hoping to see more of this tomorrow!

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