Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 13 (foam finger time!)

At the end of regular time in today's USA-Algeria match, it looked like the American World Cup run would be coming to an end. They were tied 0-0 after England had already beaten Slovenia. But then this happened (in the 91st minute).

Notice how long it took for the score to change on the TV. There'd already been one disallowed goal for the USA (a BS offside call against Clint Dempsey), so I was waiting for this one to be called off. After this goal, the Americans were on top of Group C, and heading to the second round against the runner up in Group D.

After this match, Germany defeated Ghana to win Group D, which means that they'll play England on Saturday and the USA will play Ghana. Our boys should have their hands full against Ghana (who beat US 2-1 in the 2006 World Cup), but they're not as tough as Germany, who we cannot beat under any circumstances. They should have no problem with England.

In my Cup picks, I picked England and USA in Group C and Germany and Serbia in Group D, which equates to three of four teams correct. Tomorrow brings the final games in Groups E and F, two groups I don't have a strong feeling for, other than hoping for Italy to go home. My Cameroon pick didn't really pan out, so it's looking like there will be no African teams in the Final 16 (ETA: besides Ghana, of course!)

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