Saturday, January 3, 2009

Da Utes Win!

Watching the Utah Utes against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night, I kept thinking of this scene in My Cousin Vinny.

Just like in the movie, where Vinny got the two utes off a murder rap in Alabama, the Utah Utes rolled over the Crimson Tide 31-17. And Utah coach Kyle Whittingham made Nick Saban look like Joe Pesci.

As much as I enjoy watching college football, the way it determines a champion couldn't be more messed up if it tried. The Bowl Championship Series (with four traditional bowls plus a championship game) was supposed to fix this, with the top two teams playing off for a championship, but it only works when there are two (no more, no less) top teams.

Going into the bowl season this year, there were six major conference teams (Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Alabama, USC, Penn State) and two undefeated mid-major teams (Boise State and Utah) who could claim to be the top team in the country. This would have been perfect for an 8-team playoff, but instead, the first two teams (Florida and Oklahoma) play for the title, while the other teams are paired off in lesser bowls, more or less at random.

This makes the bowl season frustrating for those who are concerned about who's number one, but why is it so important to know who's number one. The one thing that's certain for Utah is that they'll end the season 13-0, ando even if they aren't picked #1, they won all their games, which is as well as they could possibly do.

At worst, Utah deserves to be #2 under whatever team wins the fake championship.

Vinny Gambini: Everything that guy just said is bullshit... Thank you.
D.A. Jim Trotter: Objection. Counsel's entire opening statement is argument.
Judge: Sustained. Counselor's entire opening statement, with the exception of "thank you", will be stricken from the record.

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