Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas Day

Happy Festivus. The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. Which brings me to the 23rd track on His ND Xmas: "Xmas Day" by Red Star Belgrade, a song full of Festivus grievances.

This is up there with "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" as one of the darkest holiday songs I've ever heard. It's from the Fractured Hymnal album, which is worth an emusic download.

Red Star Belgrade took their name from a Serbian football club  which might make "Xmas Day" the second best Christmas song about an Eastern bloc football club,   after "All I Want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit" by Half Man Half Biscuit.

I've always wanted to include this on one of my holiday mixes, but despite it's greatness, it really doesn't seem to be about Christmas.

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