Friday, December 19, 2008

Lonely This Christmas

The 19th track on His ND Xmas is "Lonely This Christmas" by Mud.

This was the 1974 Christmas number one in England, one of their two chart-toppers that year along with "Tiger Feet". Most U.S. Americans aren't familiar with the song or the band, but Mud were hugely popular in the mid-70s in the U.K. In 1975, according to their wikipedia entry, they had "no fewer than seven" singles in the UK Top 40. Since it's wikipedia, maybe they could provide an exact number of top 40 singles instead of this "no fewer than" crap -- I think "no fewer than seven" is just a fancy P.R. way of saying "seven".

Anyway, Mud were really popular during the mid-70s, and "Lonely This Christmas" is a cooler song than this year's Christmas #1. which will likely be -- Alexandra Burke's X-Factor cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

Okay, maybe it's not a better song than "Hallelujah", but it's still pretty cool!

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