Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dead By Christmas

Track #6 on His ND Xmas is "(I Wanna Be) Dead By Christmas" by Clint Coker.

With this song, the title really says it all. I found out about it during the annual holiday music rundown at, and was intrigued by the cover and title.

And the song itself does not disappoint. It's a singalong rant by a cranky 'ol redneck who doesn't like mistletoe, deck the halls, or noel, and wants to be dead by Christmas, dead by Christmas, dead by Christmas, or at least by New Year's Eve. To me, it sounds like what might happen if Gil Ray ever recorded a Christmas song!

Speaking of Christmas tunes by people I (we) know, there's a new holiday entry at The Doubtful Palace called "Linus and Lucifer". Guaraldi meets Gang Green (for alliteration's sake, are there any satanic death metal bands with names that start with G?). It dropped too late for my mix, but would have fit the theme perfectly.

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Thanks for this wonderful review. Glad you like the