Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Through beatnik eardrums

One of the first things I grabbed after my emusic download quota refreshed today was the new Crowd Scene album, With Complete Glossary For Squares. The Crowd Scene's earlier album was called Turn Left At Greenland, and they should at least be in line for the Grammy for best album titles.  I found the image to the left while searching the Googles for the album title. 

I've been a fan of the band since the first time I heard "Weather Song" on a compilation of original tunes by members of the loud-fans mailing list. The Crowd Scene stood out as being one of the three or four artists on that collection with actual musical talent instead of inspired auteurs (and since many of my loyal readers also contributed to that compilation, I should probably add that YOUR song was also one of the good ones by people with talent!).

"Weather Song" was the leadoff track on Turn Left At Greenland, which provided a higher-fi template for Graeme Davies' smooth tunes (somewhere midway between Glenn Tilbrook and Neil Finn) as well as his then & current wife Anne's complementary ones. One of my favorite albums of whatever year it came out.. 1998? Wow!

Ten years later they're back with a second album that's a bit more mature and understated, but every bit as good, at least so far.   The album is streaming here with links to purchase, and also available for download here.

Next up: the new Future Clouds & Radar, which I wanted to download all at once.

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