Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clip-on comfort

Even though I'm a strong believer in Apple's portable media player, the iPod (perhaps you've heard of it?), their earbuds leave a lot to be desired. My iPod Touch came with the worst earbuds I'd ever seen, so I kept using the Sony phones I got a few years ago with my PSP. These were nice and compact, but over the past few weeks, I've started to notice that nothing was coming through on my left ear, and thought I was going deaf in one ear.

The earphone just stopped working on one side, so I had to buy new ones. I'm particular about phones, and don't like in-ear buds that come with iPods, but also don't like the classic mini-headphone design. I found these Philips SHS4700 headphones at Target yesterday (regularly $19.99 on sale for $15.99), and they're pretty much exactly what I like. Great sound and comfortable fit -- the best of both worlds!

Listening to these is like hearing all my old albums in a new light. I'm going to fall asleep to OK Computer tonight, and wish I owned Dark Side Of The Moon -- isn't that supposed to be the best headphone album ever?

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