Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twenty Five Years

I attended my 25th high school reunion this weekend, which means I've been out of high school for an entire quarter century (class of 1983)!  By some strange coincidence, my high school in Singapore chose to have its 25th reunion in San Francisco, and about 25 of my classmates (out of a graduating class of 150) made the trip.   I live just across the bay, so it wasn't a very long trip for me, but some folks came from as far away as Australia.

Going to an American school overseas is a lot like attending school in a small town, and we have a really tight class that's had reunions every five years since 1983.  It seems like everyone in my class but me has gone on to get married and have kids and lead responsible lives, while I'm still living like a 40-year old college student, but we're all still in high school when we get together! On Friday night, we went to see an 80s cover band at some bar in North Beach, and I can at least take solace in knowing a lot more about bands and songs from the 1980s that my classmates do.

Since I was S.F. local, people were asking me about places to go and this restaurant or that bar, but I don't get out to the city very much, and almost never venture into the touristy Chinatown/Nob Hill/North Beach/Wharf area, so I was like a tourist in my own town.   I even went to see the Fleet Week performance by the Blue Angels, which I hadn't ever seen before.  Airshows are a lot like fireworks, because I'd never make an effort to see them, but think they're really cool while they're going on!      

Relatedly, I succumbed to peer pressure and finally joined facebook, so if any facebookers want to "friend" me, you know where to find me. Hopefully it's better than myspace!

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