Saturday, October 11, 2008

And U can go there 2

More lazy weekend youtube blogging. Here's some long-forgotten Irish boy band, showing off their dance moves on TV back in 1982.

This single ("A Celebration") and its B-side ("Party Girl") are now out as extra tracks on the two-disc reissue of October. It came out a few months after the October album, and then deleted almost immediately. The b-side appeared on Under A Blood Red Sky('83 live album), but this A-side has been buried in sands of unavailability for the past 25 years.

They're finally putting our 25th anniversary reissue of Blood Red Sky along with Live At Red Rocks on DVD (but not BRD, the preferred by most Coloradoans).  I'm surprised that hasn't been released on DVD yet, and also surprised that they're clinging to the paltry eight-track version of Blood Red Sky instead of issuing an CD version of the entire Red Rocks show, like Cheap Trick did with Live At Budakan.

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