Monday, October 6, 2008

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Just back from a trip to New York and New Jersey, where I had a lot of fun visiting the East Coast and catching up with friends. Yesterday, I experienced the thrill of winning a free game of mini-golf and the agony of crashing some poor kid's rental bicycle during my last thirty minutes in Ocean City, NJ.

Today, I had a few hours in NYC before heading to JFK airport, so I visited Ground Zero and the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. This was my first trip to New York since 9/11, and that big hole in the skyline where the twin towers used to stand is still devastating. The markets were getting hammered when I dropped by the NYSE (down 400 points), and there were some dazed investors on the Street, but the outside of the NYSE building didn't look any different than usual.

The best part about the subway to JFK airport, is that it's the A train to Far Rockaway, all the way from Duke Ellington to the Ramones in one $2 subway journey!

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