Thursday, October 9, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

One of the things waiting in my mailbox when I returned from my trip this week was a copy of Let Them Eat Cake, the latest CD by the band Garfields Birthday, sent as a gift from the fine folks at 125 Records. Thanks to everyone for the cool gift!

The disc was mailed from Pink Hedgehog Records, so I thought it might be a new Anton album, but he wouldn't risk losing a sale by sending me a free disc. I don't usually get a whole lot of gift CDs in the mail, so I thought I should write about this one.

I don't think Garfields Birthday (no apostrophe) has anything to do with that  cat from the comics (I prefer garfield minus garfield), but their myspace motto is "indie pop for lost romantic souls" with a list of influences straight from my library: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, Neil Young, Big Star, and XTC. Right down my cup of tea, as they say.

The band members up of brothers Simon and Shane Felton (who play guitar and bass and sing), James Laming (who also sings and guitars), and drummer Adrian Payne (who drums). Their songs are two to three minute pop nuggets (written and sung mostly by Simon) that go down as easily as birthday cake with extra frosting.

The whole Garfields Birthday album is streamable at their myspace page, and there are also a handful of mp3s at PH's label site.


125records said...

Shane from GB had back surgery (he hasn't been able to play live for some time now) and needed to raise money for some additional therapy that wasn't covered by the NHS. (Thank goodness he lives in the UK and not in the US, or he'd probably be trying to raise a lot MORE money to pay for the surgery.) Anyway, I already had the album but I wanted to buy another copy to help support his treatment, so you were the lucky recipient. Glad you enjoyed it!

Shane said...

And I would like to add that the money raised has enabled me to have an excellent course of hydrotheapy, and we hope to be back out live in the new year.
Thanks again Shane