Monday, August 25, 2008

Ten by Glen

I've been enjoying the new Glen Campbell album I mentioned last Friday, and think it's successful both at exposing him to a younger crowd and exposing his Branson audience to great songs by Paul Westerberg and the Foo Fighters (among others).

I also listened to Glen Campbell's two-disc Capitol Years 1965-1977 compilation last weekend (with all the hits plus a few deeper cuts) and noticed that the words "Glen Campbell" don't appear in any songwriting credits. He's been adapting other people's songs to his own style for his whole career, so Meet Glen Campbell is just an updated take on that theme, with newer songs.

To continue my new Monday tradition, here are ten great early Glen Campbell tunes on youtube, in chronological order.

Ten By Glen
1. Little Doll (1963)
2. Guess I'm Dumb (1965)
3. Universial Soldier (1966)
4. Gentle On My Mind (1967)
5. By The Time I Get To Phoenix (1967)
6. Dreams of the Everyday Housewife (1968)
7. Wichita Lineman (1968)
8. Galveston (1969)
9. Where's The Playground Susie? (1969)
10. Honey Come Back (1970)

More than half these songs (5-10) were written by the great Jimmy Webb and "Guess I'm Dumb" was co-written and produced by Brian Wilson while he was working on a little record called Pet Sounds. It's like a long lost Beach Boys track (with Glen Campbell on vocals).

Glen Campbell, of course, was a touring Beach Boy in 1964/65 (after Brian stopped touring and before Bruce Johnston joined). As a bonus, here's Glen performing a Beach Boys medley in 1977.

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