Friday, August 22, 2008

Something unpredictable

Glen Campbell covering Green Day on Meet Glen Campbell.

Meet Glen Campbell might seem like a strange title for a new album by an artist who's older than John McCain, but it marks his return to pop music and reintroduction to a younger generation. There are nine other left-field covers on the album (like "Sadly Beautiful" by the Replacements and "Jesus" by the Velvet Underground) but producer Julian Raymond doesn't stray far from the classic Campbell sound, with musical help from people like Jason Falkner, Roger Manning, and Robin Zander.

The album marks his return to Capitol Records in almost 30 years. According to a recent interview with the N.Y. Daily News, he left the label because "They wanted me to sing stuff like 'My Sharona', so I used a four-letter word and told them where they could go."

Glen Campbell could totally sing "My Sharona". Even at 72, he still has The Voice.

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Gil said...

...but where's his guitar??? I've always dug Mr. Campbell, and I hope this new stuff serves him well, but man...he is one of the hottest guitar players out there. I heard some stuff waaay long ago with him absolutely blazing through some western swing. Talented guy.