Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tikka to Ride

From Red Dwarf: series VII, episode 1
LISTER: What am I gonna do? Curry night was the one little beacon I had... made me feel like a normal ordinary guy, not some sad freak stuck in deep space; no woman, no hope, no curry.
KRYTEN: Worse still, a choice of only two alcoholic beverages: Cinzano Bianco, or advocat. Its a human tragedy!
LISTER: No lager??
KRYTEN: All the supplies on B-deck were destroyed, sir. There wasn't even any wreckage, no debris, zip.
LISTER: God... a few beers and a curry, it was the highlight of my week!
KRYTEN: I used to look forward to curry night too, sir. seeing your little face all happy and smiling, come rain or shine we'd always make time for curry night. Every Friday.
LISTER: Saturday.
KRYTEN: Sunday.
LISTER: Tuesday.
KRYTEN: Wednesday.
LISTER: Life without curry? Its like Laurel without Hardy; the Lone Ranger without... that Indian bloke.
KRYTEN: Perhaps, you could learn to love... pasta?
LISTER: Pasta..Are you sick?

Wednesday night has always been "curry night" for me, going back to when chicken curry was the Wednesday lunch special at my high school in Singapore. Back when I used to live with my brother, we'd usually grill a whole chicken on Sunday night (aka "chicken night") and each of us would take a leg, a thigh, and a wing, which would leave the white meat (breast portion) leftover.

Leftover grilled chicken breast is ideal for captain curry, or Thai green curry, or the old dependable CTM (Britain's national dish).

Basically, leftover chicken is made to be curried, in every way possible, but I don't usually grill a whole chicken on Sunday anymore, so "curry night" usually involves ordering a takeout from Favorite Indian or Pakwan or Paya Thai, depending on what kind of curry I'm craving, or whether the signal light on B street is green (Thai) or red (Indian) when I hit the light.

Sometimes I eat curry on other nights (I had shrimp and vegetable curry last night), but it's hard for me to eat anything but curry on Wednesday. Tonight it's rogan josh from Favorite Indian. Like Red Dwarf's Dave Lister, I'm a curryaholic, and need a curry at least once a week. Preferably on Wednesday.

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