Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've Been Moved

I don't like blogging about work-related matters, but this was a notable week for me employment-wise. My company began outsourcing their IT functions to an International Blue Monster
(Here's the press release).

In this outsourcing operations, 60% of the IT staff are scheduled to be "rolled off" (corporate-speak for let go) by the end of this year. I was initially among those 60%, but was later deemed to be an Important Business Master and moved to the lucky 40% who will be staying on through the transition.

So this announcement means that I'm now an employee of the International Blue Monster, as of this month. I'm working at the exact same office doing the exact same job, but just getting paid by a different company. Welcome to the 21st century.

Obligatory Food Content: Today's lunch was chicken katsu from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. With a drink. I can afford to pay more than $5 on lunch now that I'm working for a big company!


125records said...

Well, hey, it means you still have a job, and that's good news, anyway!

Now if they'd only finish repairing your BART tracks.

2fs said...

Well that's good - better than having to look for a new job again!