Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fit to be Thai'd

Since it's curry Wednesday, for today's post in my ongoing discussion of Trader Joe's simmer sauces, I'm going to talk about their Thai Green Curry Sauce. According to the label, this is a "classic Thai curry sauce with lemon grass & coconut and the subtle kick of peppers."

I'm not going to talk about the use of both an ampersand and an "and", and its "subtle kick of peppers" is a little too subtle for me ( I have to kick it up with curry paste), but its a versatile sauce that mixes with just about anything for an easy weeknight curry meal.

I like to mix the curry sauce with fish, any of the trio of T varieties ( turbot, tuna, tilapia) that also are available at Trader Joe's frozen food. The rest of the turbot used for yesterday's tacos can become today's turbot curry.

Here's the recipe. Empty a jar of curry simmer sauce a saucepan on medium heat, with a little green sambal or curry paste. After it's been heating for five minutes or so, throw a frozen fillet in. Five minutes later turn the heat off and let it rest for five minutes. That's a fish curry in 15 minutes. Take that Rachael Ray!

This fish curry should be served over rice (it even says so on the package), which takes 15 minutes in the microwave, but if you can multitask and cook the rice while you're heating up the fish and sauce, you can get home at 6:45pm and start eating at 7:00.

Speaking of "Thais", this year's MLB All Star Game came very close to ending in a tie, since both the AL and NL were on their last pitcher. The 2002 All Star game in Milwaukee was declared a tie after 11 innings (who says there's no tying in baseball?), which forced a change where the league that wins the All-Star game home field in the World Series.

Last night's game went all the way to the 15th before the AL finally pushed a run across to win 4-3. This pushed their winning streak to 11 games in a row (they're 11-0-1 going back to 1996). That stretch of AL domination could be due to Ichiro's legendary pre-game pep talks, but it might be that they just have better players.

In honor of Dick Williams being inducted in the Hall of Fame this weekend as the first Dick to make it to the Hall , here's major league baseball's All-Dick team .


PCarino said...

You taunt me with these Trader Joe's product placements! There is only one TJs in NYC and it always prohibitively crowded. I went there the other day to pick up some of that korma stuff that you had recommended, but the checkout lines were insane and I left.

Can you post a recipe with ingredients we can get at, say, Rite Aid?

Steve said...

The Trader Joe's in my neighborhood seems to be the only branch of the store that isn't hella busy all the time, so it's my default place to go at 6:30pm on a weeknight when I don't have anything for dinner.

125records said...

One of the reasons Joe & I moved was because the El Cerrito TJ's was always a madhouse, and the one in our current neighborhood is always refreshingly non-crowded. (Just kidding, sort of -- but it is refreshing to be able to go to TJ's anytime I want, even on a Sunday afternoon!) It's reported to be one of the highest volume TJ's in the whole chain, though, so I can only guess that the fact that the store is so large with wide aisles and many cashiers makes it seem less congested.