Friday, June 20, 2008

Sounds of Summer

I've updated second part of my summer muxtape for the first day of Summer. I've also combined it with last week's first part to create a 20 song "Sounds Of Summer" mix that's available as a two part download for the next seven days (or 100 downloads, wcf) .

Summer Sounds - June 2008
01. Danny McDonald - Soaking Up The Sunshine
02. The Yellow Ballon - Follow the Sunshine
03. Martin Newell - Summer Tamarind
04. Klaxons - Summer Song
05. Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday
06. The Corrs - Summer Sunshine
07. The Makes Nice - Waves of Summer
08. Squeeze - This Summer
09. Sparks - Over The Summer
10. The Pretty Things - Summer Time
11. Nancy Sinatra - Summer Wine
12. The Monkees - The Door into Summer
13. Daniel Wylie - Let's Go Surfing
14. Paul Kelly - Roll On Summer
15. Comet Gain - Just One More Summer Before I Go
16. Locksley - Into The Sun
17. Dave Clark Five - Here Comes Summer
18. Bruce Springsteen - Girls in Their Summer Clothes
19. The Frank And Walters - Summer Evenings
20. The Last - Every Summer Day
21. The Queers - Don't Back Down
22. The Rubinoos - Cruisin' Music
23. Dave Edmunds - Beach Boy Blood (In My Veins)
24. The Beach Boys - All Summer Long (Stereo Mix)
25. Art Brut - Sound of Summer

This cover was swiped from this album, which was the motivation for my mix, even though it contains just one song that was on the album. I just searched for "summer" on iTunes, extrapolated from there, and put the results in sequence.  Happy Solstice Everyone!


PCarino said...

Is "Roll On Summer" about deodorant?

Steve said...

Could be.. The lyrics mention spray, skin, and lotion, which could just be code for deodorant.