Friday, June 13, 2008

More Sounds of Summer

I've been trying to upload a new mix to muxtape every week, and this week is the first of two parts of "summer songs". Summer starts next week (in the Northern Hemisphere) and here are a dozen songs to get a start on the season.

Sounds Of Summer (pt1)

1. "Soaking Up The Sunshine" - Danny McDonald
I added the "Northern Hemisphere" qualifier to the start of Summer because in the Southern Hemisphere (where Danny McDonald comes from), their Summer is our Winter, even though it evidently has the same surf and sun and two girls for every boy that Northern Summers do.

2. "Let's Go Surfing" - Daniel Wylie
Daniel Wylie (former Cosmic Rough Rider) is from Glasgow, and it might sound weird for a Scottish guy to write a surf song, except the North Sea has some of the best surfing in the world. Surfing the North Sea probably requires a strong will, and an even stronger wetsuit.

3. "Over The Summer" - Sparks
I wrote about Sparks earlier this week, and said that "Over The Summer" from Introducing Sparks (their sixth album) was one of my favorite summer songs ever. For that reason alone, I had to include it.

4. "Cruisin' Music" - The Rubinoos
This is a cover of a Raspberries song that probably wins a stuffed animal in early Beach Boys Bingo (references to surf, sun, cars, girls, and good rock& roll). Next Saturday I'm planning on seeing the Rubinoos in their first, last, and only show of their "2008 World Tour" (at SF's GAMH).

5. "Summer Wine" - Nancy Sinatra
Actually Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (who wrote the song). A wine made from strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring would be too sweet for me, but I'd take off my silver spurs to drink some with Nancy and Lee.

6. "The Door Into Summer" - The Monkees
This is a good song, with a title taken from a Robert Heinlen book. Game Theory used to cover it.

7. "Summer Song" - Klaxons
I downloaded this from the internet. According to the ID tags, it's from an album called My Diet Pill, which doesn't seem to exist. It's a good song though.

8. "Summer Evenings" - The Frank and Walters
The Frank and Walters are one of the best Irish bands ever, and this is from their latest album A Renewed Interest in Happiness. Actually it's from one of the singles off that album ("Fight") but that's not important in the iTunes era.

9. "Summer Sunshine" - The Corrs
Another Irish band. I was excited to that this is one of Scott Miller's five year old daughter's favorite songs. It was also a number one hit, in Indonesia. When five year olds and Indonesians both like a song, you know it's a good one!

10. "Summer Holiday" - Cliff Richard
One of my favorite moments from "The Young Ones" was this exchange between Rick and Suggs (Madness lead singer) from the "Boring" episode.

Rick: Do any of you lot know "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard?
Suggs: You hum it, and I'll smash your face in!

11. "Beach Boy Blood (In My Veins)" - Dave Edmunds
One of my best finds of this last year was Edmunds' Plugged In album from 1994 (his last album of all-new material), especially this song. I've got Beach Boy blood in my veins too, especially during the Summertime.

12. "All Summer Long" - The Beach Boys
The first corpuscles of Beach Boy blood started flowing through my veins for the first time when I heard this song at the end of the movie American Graffiti. "All Summer Long" was also the final song on Endless Summer album, so it's always symbolized the end of something for me. In this instance, it's the end of my mix.

Most of these were found by typing "summer" into the iTunes search box, but there might be an even better list of summer songs that don't have the word "summer" in the title. Such as?

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