Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coliseum Clasico

I put my soccer fandom to the test tonight by attending my first-ever MLS game, a resumption of the California Clasico between the San Jose Earthquakes and the Los Angeles Galaxy.  

The game was moved from the Quakes regular home at Buck Shaw stadium to the more cavernous McAfee Coliseum in Oakland because this guy plays for the Galaxy now.

Like Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan, I had to see David Beckham in person before he retired, and this was my opportunity to do that. Forty thousand other people decided to do the same thing, so the Coliseum was filled as full as it can be with that silly tarp on the third deck. Watching the flow of the game, it was quite obvious that Beckham was the best player on the field. He didn't score, but he set up two of the Galaxy goals and was always at the right place. His trademark is the "set piece" off a corner kick or free kick, because he can almost direct the ball at will (just like that movie says).

Other than watching Beckham, the game itself was pretty uneventful. The Galaxy won 3-0 and the home side didn't mount much of a challenge. Also, the Oakland Coliseum configuration for soccer is really weird, with many of the seats miles away from the action. I hope it doesn't mess up the outfield grass like that other kind of football does.

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