Monday, June 2, 2008

Frozen ropes and dying quails

Apparently R.E.M. sideman (and erstwhile Young Fresh Fellow) Scott McCaughey wore a Barry Zito Athletics jersey for yesterday's R.E.M. gig at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.   Perfect East Bay concert attire.

Wearing a Zito A's jersey is the height of crossbay smack-talk, and reminds SF Giants fans of two things:
(1) Barry was good when he played for our team.
(2) He's not so good anymore, but he's making a big bucket of money, so you guys are stuck with him now. Ha ha!

McCaughey grew up in Saratoga, so he knows his Bay Area baseball rivalries, even if he has lived in Seattle long enough to be a Mariners fan. And he's a big ballfan, who's collaborated with Steve Wynn for a new album of baseball-themed songs called The Baseball Project, which is coming out this Summer on Yep Roc.

Steve Wynn is also a big baseball fan, but apparently Peter Buck isn't, even though he appears on The Baseball Project, along with drummer Linda Pitmon.
Me and Scott McCoy(sic) and Steve Wynn made a baseball-themed record. I don't knoiw anything about baseball so I just played on it. They're into baseball. I don't watch baseball or read about it or anything. But y'know, music is music. The songs were good songs - I just didn't know the people they were singing about.
The "people they sing about" on the first volume of The Baseball Project include Curt Flood, Satchel Paige, Ted Williams, and Jack McDowell. Maybe the second volume can have songs about Barry Zito or Matt Herges (but I guess he's been done already!).


TourqueYMada said...

My paean to Sudden Sam McDowell will not be appearing on their record.

Damn it. . . .

Steve said...

They probably set a quota of one McDowell song per album anyway.