Monday, May 12, 2008

Someone's gonna make you pay your fare

"Roger Waters doing Dark Side of the Moon would be like Ringo performing Sgt. Pepper's" -- Ben Gibbard, Death Cab For Cutie

Ben Gibbard probably didn't do very well on the analogies part of his SAT test. Ringo did not write anything on Sgt. Pepper's, so Roger doing DSOTM is more like Paul McCartney doing Sgt. Pepper's.  Roger Waters wrote all the lyrics and most of the music for Dark Side Of The Moon, so he has as much right to perform the album as anyone, without any guff from young whippersnappers like Ben Gibbard!.  After watching the Death Cab documentary Drive Well, Sleep Carefully, I think DCFC may be the dullest band in the history of music, at least personality-wise.

Anyway, the Death Cabbers have a new album called Narrow Stairs out tomorrow, featuring the Pink Floyd-length single "I Will Possess Your Heart". I usually run hot and cold on DCFC, but I really like this song, and there aren't many eight minute songs I like these days.

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