Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Four Thousand Flashdiscs

Regular readers of this blog probably know that I've been engaged in a daily blogging competition with Flasshe. We've both posted every day since October 30th of last year, so today marks six months straight of daily postings by the both of us. I'm sure our mutual friends have already started taking bets about which one of us will crumble first. Not me.

To honor this occasion, today's entry will be an analysis of the contents of Flasshe's CD collection. He has more than four thousand CDs (4088 entries according to that list), most of which date from the mid-90s. Flasshe's favorite year was 1996 (with 306 discs purchased and/or released in that year) and his least favorite were the years before 1974 (when BOC's Secret Treaties launched music as we know it).

This plot of his CDs by year of release looks like a normal distribution centered around the mid-90s (click to enlarge).

Here are some other notable things about Flasshe's CD collection.

Total Discs = 4,205
Total Artists = 1,689
Total Tracks = 17,191
Artists with only one disc = 912
Favorite Year = 1996 (306 titles purchased)
Favorite Month = June (384 titles purchased)
Oldest CD: Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
Newest CD: Many released in 2007
Biggest Purchase Date: 08/29/1998 (19 cds purchased)

Top Five Formats
CD (3997 titles)
DVD-Audio (28 titles)
Mini CD (23 titles)
SACD (14 titles)
DualDisc (10 titles)

Top Ten Artists:
Bill Nelson (34 titles)
Blue Öyster Cult (32 titles)
Mike Oldfield (29 titles)
The Cure (29 titles)
The Church (28 titles)
Simple Minds (28 titles)
Julian Cope (23 titles)
The Moody Blues (23 titles)
The Stranglers (22 titles)
XTC (21 titles)


2fs said...

My CD collection, which once was dwarfed next to Flasshe's, is now quite a bit bigger. I'm not posting it online, though. Did you download his page into a spreadsheet to crunch the numbers? Anyway, some trivia about my collection (which also includes albums in MP3 format): first, my tendency when buying older CDs is to list them as much as possible by recording date rather than issue date. There's a smattering of years, then a rise in the late 1950s (a lot of good jazz from 1956-60...). A lot of '60s stuff is scattered in multiyear entries due to staggered recording dates, but into the 1970s the average is about 40/year, peaking with 50 in 1979. From 1980 to 1986, the average is about 70; from 1987 onwards, the numbers rise significantly (why? I bought a CD player). Average in the '90s is about 200. In this decade, my peak year (and my overall peak) is 2000, with 319. The next few peak years are '99 (292), '98 (268), '01 (263), and '93 (235). The last few years? So far this year, 42; '07 (182), '06 (210), '05 (219), '04 (214), and '03 (200). Total time of all the songs I have on CD or MP3: 6125 hours. Average length per song is 3:51. We are geeks.

Steve said...

Spreadsheet? Ha! I loaded the page in a database, but did make the graph in MS Excel.

6125 hours is almost 8.5 months worth of nonstop music.

flasshe said...

Wow, I am honored! Guess I better keep that list up to date better - I have bought some discs in 2008 but haven't posted them yet.

Also, keep in mind that I didn't start cataloging my collection until 1987, at which point I already had a number of discs. So those discs will either have no purchase date, or a purchase date in 1987. I can't remember when I bought my first player, but it was at least a couple of years before that.

PCarino said...

This kind of inter-blogger mud-slinging is reprehensible. Think of the example you're setting for our nation's youth.