Thursday, January 7, 2016

Twenty Fifteen

Happy Belated New Year! Here are 24 tunes from the year just past

01. Allie (Belle And Sebastian)
02. Book of Too Late Changes (Cotton Mather)
03. Chasing Clouds (Caddy)
04. Debbie Downer (Courtney Barnett)
05. End Of The World (The Flamin' Groovies)
06. Fast Moving Clouds (Sarah Bethe Nelson)
07. Feeling OK (Best Coast)
08. Hold Down The Fort (The Minus 5)
09. I Can't Help You (The Chills)
10. Just Say Go (Reno Bo)
11. Let Your Hair Fall Down (The Bye Bye Blackbirds)
12. Lucky In Every Way (Pugwash)
13. Midsommar (The Corner Laughers)
14. Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You (The Zombies)
15. Out Of My Mind (Tommy Keene)
16. Philomena (The Decemberists)
17. Queens Tornado (Regular Einstein)
18. Rainbow Tunnel (Alison Faith Levy)
19. Restless Year (Ezra Furman)
20. Seven Days a Week (Nick Piunti)
21. She Writes a Symphony (The Lilac Time)
22. Times Square (Destroyer)
23. When I'm with You (The London Souls)
24. Where Does the Time Go? (Chris Stamey)

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