Sunday, February 6, 2011

XLV and all that

Interrupting my month of 1966 music to congratulate the World Champion Green Bay Packers, who also won the first Super Bowl after the 1966 season. This Super Bowl was better than that one, and probably one of the best Super Bowls ever.

I have ancestral ties to the state of Wisconsin and many relatives that still live there, and they're all lifelong Packer fans, so I'm happy for all of them. I'm finding that it's easier to cheer for Green Bay in the Aaron Rodgers era than it was in the Brett Favre era.

There's supposed to be an NFL lockout next season, so this might be the last football game we see for awhile. I stopped following baseball for four years after the 1994 players strike, and that's a much bigger part of my life than NFL football. Not following professional football would be easy for me, for the rest of my life if it takes that long. If this is the last NFL game I ever watch, at least it was a good one.

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