Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Hands (Together)

The alphabetical final song on my 2010 compilation by the New Pornographers

I haven't seen any other best of year mixes with songs from the NPs Together, but the album doesn't seem that unworthy to me. It's a little top heavy, with the first four songs carrying the weight for the remaining eight, but it's at least as good as Challengers.

Anyway, it's only the 26th and I'm already done with my monthly mix. Off to Just Read More Novels.

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Anonymous said...

I think there are two main reasons this album doesn't show up on more lists: (1) it was released relatively early in the year; (2) it suffers from Richard Thompson Syndrome...after a reviewer in the '90s who jokingly began a review with "ho-hum, another fabulous Richard Thompson album...": that is, they've been so consistently good for their entire career that critics half-consciously downgrade them for not being *better* than their previous really-good stuff. (See also: Spoon)