Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quick as Rainbows

Next from 1990: "Quick As Rainbows" by KoD

Have to love any year with two quality songs beginning with Q!

To celebrate, here are more quality Q songs on my iTunes.

  1. Quality of Armor-Guided by Voices
  2. Queen's English-Mutton Birds
  3. Queen of Eyes-Soft Boys
  4. Queen of Hearts-Dave Edmunds
  5. Quelle Folie-Sneakers
  6. A Question Mark-Elliott Smith
  7. Questions I Can't Answer-Amy Rigby
  8. A Quick One, While He's Away-The Who
  9. Quicksand-DM3
  10. Quicksilver 1&2-Future Clouds and Radar
  11. Quiet Heart-Go-Betweens
  12. Quiet Town-Josh Rouse
  13. Quietly Alone-Kirsty MacColl
  14. Quit That Scene-Tommy Keene

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